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Francy Montalvo, pianist and composer from Bogota, nominated to © LatinGrammy and to the © Independent Music Awards as a producer, composer and pianist in the Album Carrera Quinta Big Band.

Favored in 2006 by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia with a National Scholarship for Music Research. In 2009, his composition "En esencia" was awarded the Virtual Bank of Scores Award from the Ministry of Culture. Since 2005 she leads the Carrera Quinta group with which she has won the concert series "Música con Tempo Colombiano" of the Ministry of Culture and the National Library (2015), in 2010 of the Mestizas Music contest of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the Second place in the Festival of Hato Viejo Cotrafa. In November 2011 she was invited by Berklee College of Music to hold conferences, workshops and concerts about Colombian music. Since 2013, he has been part of the team of teacher researchers who created the Master's program in Colombian Music at El Bosque University, the first program with this degree in Colombia.



Germán Darío Pérez Salazar began piano studies at age 4. Later he entered the National University of Colombia Conservatory of Music, where he studied piano between 1982 and 1996. He graduated with honors from the Francisco José de Caldas District University, the Higher Arts Academy of Bogotá (ASAB), as a Teacher in Musical Arts with emphasis on composition.
The combination of his family ancestor rooted in the Colombian musical traditions, and his academic studies, led him to the search for a new musical language, with a great rhythmic, timbre and harmonic richness, in which elements of the Colombian musical traditions are intertwined , with elements of academic music and jazz resulting in a unique style that opened the way to new perspectives in the Colombian music of the Andean region.
His compositional work has been widely awarded, reaching to date 24 awards in composition in the most important contests of the genre. He is one of the initiators of the main renovation of Colombian music in the Andean region in the last 30 years. His compositions are performed permanently by soloists and ensembles in Colombia and abroad, some in such prestigious venues as the Carnegie Hall in New York and the Southbank Center in London. Recently, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá (OFB) commissioned him to carry out the arrangement of his work "Ancestro", chosen together with works by other renowned composers, for the record of the 50th anniversary of the orchestra. His work has made him an inescapable reference in the musical history of Colombia.



Pinzón began his studies at 1981 in the "Escuela Superior de Música de Tunja (ESM)" He studied piano and music theory with Jorge Zorro and oboe with Rizshard Jarosik. In 1984 he participated in the First National Piano Competition "Jóvenes Talentos", and two years later he won the honorific mention Summa cum laude de la ESM.

 Later he obtained a scholarship to study in Russia, and when he was in Moscú, he competed to enter to Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. He was in the national festival of young soloists "Salud América" in 1992, in Samara, Russia, and he was graduated of the conservatory as Master of Fine Arts. Later he participated at III Ancient music festival in Moscú. On his return to Colombia in 1995, he participated in the XXIII Festival Internacional de la Cultura in Tunja, Boyacá. During five years he was in Symphonic National Wind Orchestra, under the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.



Colombian composer and arts education visionary, Juan Antonio Cuéllar has

occupied prominent musical positions throughout his homeland. He has been Dean of the School of Arts and Director of the Masters of Music program at Pontificia

Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. Cuéllar also served for six years (2008-14) as

Executive President of the Batuta National Foundation, a music organization

supported by government and private funds – modeled on Venezuela’s El Sistema

– that serves 40,000 Colombian youth. In addition, he was president of the Colombian Association of Colleges and Arts Programs in 2007-8. Juan Antonio Cuéllar is an Associate Professor of Composition and Theory at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Adviser of Fundación Azteca at Salinas Corporate Group in México for the development of the international youth orchestra and choral program “Esperanza Azteca”, and the artistic leader of the Colombian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra at Fundación Bolívar Davivienda in Colombia.



Colombian composer, music producer and guitarist with a Master's degree in composition from the Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogotá. A music producer with more than 12 years of experience in musical production, composition and recording of different types of albums. Winner of the silver medal at the Global Music Awards "Instrumentalist, World Music" with the album "Terranova" which was written and produced in 2015 for the trumpeter Jorge Giraldo. Served has a judge in the competition "Estimulos" from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia in two modalities: Record Production, and Scholarship for the Strengthening of Urban Music 2017. Employed as a music producer for “Colombia Tiene Talento” TELESET-CANAL RCN, among other TV programs. "My musical language conveys the perception I have had of the different music genres that have permeated through me over the years, such as pop, classical and the folk music of my country."



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