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Rules and Repertoire Requirements 2022


The Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild is proud to present the BMTG Intercontinental Competition 2022, featuring music of Immortal and Living Composers!


 Young Composers Award

The Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild is seeking young, aspiring composers to submit original piano solo works. BMTG’s goal is to promote new music and inspire young composers to reach the heights of such greats as Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Joplin, Ellington and Gershwin! The winners will join the list of featured living composers for the BMTG Intercontinental Piano Competition 2022, and will have the distinct honor of having their work performed at the competition’s Winners Concert at Carnegie Hall. Monetary prizes will also be awarded. All entries will be evaluated by a panel of BMTG’s featured composers.


Young Composers Award Guidelines:


  • Ages 7 – 18 (at the time of the application) may apply.

  • Applicants may submit a maximum of 2 contrasting compositions, no longer than 6 minutes in total duration.

  • Compositions may be elementary, intermediate or advanced levels.

  • Classical, romantic, contemporary, new age and jazz styles will be accepted

  • Only original compositions will be accepted – no arrangements or transcriptions.

  • Previously published works are not eligible.

  • Compositions must be submitted as an unedited video recording of applicant's performance, which should not exceed the allowed time duration. The video should not contain any references to the name of the composer (ex. subtitles). The video should be submitted via YouTube (private/unlisted video), or Dropbox. 

  • In addition, all composition scores must be submitted as PDF format.

  • Plagiarism of copy written material is illegal.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the composer to confirm that any work, or any part or elements of the work submitted, are not copywritten.

  • Application Deadline:  July 27, 2022

  • Application Fee:  $75

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